Hamburg is a bustling and vibrant neighborhood located on the east side of Lexington, Kentucky. It is known for its modern amenities, shopping centers, and convenient location. As one of the fastest-growing areas in Lexington, Hamburg offers a mix of residential, commercial, and entertainment options.


Hamburg sits east of Downtown Lexington, spanning a significant portion of the area between Man o' War Boulevard and Winchester Road. It is conveniently located near major highways, including Interstate 75 and Interstate 64, providing easy access to broader Lexington and other neighboring cities.

The neighborhood is characterized by its well-planned layout and mix of residential houses, apartments, and townhomes. It also features several shopping centers, including Hamburg Pavilion, which boasts numerous retail stores, restaurants, and entertainment venues. Additionally, Hamburg includes parks and green spaces, contributing to its overall appeal.


As a diverse neighborhood, Hamburg is home to a mix of residents across various age groups and backgrounds. The population of Hamburg is estimated to be around several thousand residents, encompassing families, professionals, and students from nearby universities and colleges.

The neighborhood has a relatively young demographic, attributed to its proximity to educational institutions and job opportunities within Lexington. Additionally, Hamburg is known for its strong sense of community and active neighborhood associations that organize events and activities to foster social connections among residents.

In terms of housing, Hamburg offers a range of options, including single-family homes, apartments, and townhomes. The neighborhood attracts individuals and families seeking a blend of modern amenities, convenient location, and a friendly community atmosphere.

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